Hair NrG Revolutionary Hair Care

Restores, Balances, Strengthens and Smoothes using Australian Botanical Plant Extract and Argan Oil.

Inspired by the Australian landscape and the unique botanical extracts of Australia, Hair NrG has created a revolutionary hair care range to restore balance, strengthen and smooth all hair types.

The Hair NrG range has unique benefits for all hair types. Using Australian plant extracts beneficial for centuries plants that contain the highest concentration of natural vitamin C of any known plant, plants that moisture and smooth the scalp. Along  with these plants we also used certified Argan oil to help restore the balance and pH and protein levels of hair.

What are you waiting for?

SLS & Paraben Free

Traditional shampoo and conditioner formulations, have used sodium lauryl sulphate as the surfactants in the shampoo and parabens as preservatives for conditioners  each of these ingredients have been shown to have an irritating and disruptive elements causing inflammation of the skin and in some severe cases disruption to the immune system Hair NrG formulations do not  use sodium lauryl sulphate is or parabens.